Open your SMALL PIZZA franchise!

Why open your Small Pizza shop?


Over thirty years of experience have allowed an analytical international market research to reach the best business for all franchise members.


The new franchisee can count on a full assistance, business consulting and training on the preparation of the products along the entire period of the contract.


The shop can be managed by a single operator, supported by an automatic cash machine. The franchisee can even follow the trend of cash flows thanks to an app on a smartphone.


From € 35.000,00. The history of the shops already opened records an estimated annual turnover as around € 240.000,00 with a 50% of profit.

What do you need to start your business?

  • 30 mq Minimum size of your store
  • from 35.000,00 € Total investment
  • not necessary Experience affiliate

What does the franchise agreement?

  • 6 years Contract duration
  • 5% Monthly Royalty
  • 5.000,00 € Entry fees in Italy
  • 10.000,00 € Entry fees abroad
  •   Exclusive area
  •   Website of the store
  • During opening Site service
  •   Assistance during the contract
  •   Supply equipment/furniture
  •   Agreed suppliers

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