History of SMALL PIZZA

The first Small Pizza shop was founded in 2000 in Jesi, in the province of Ancona, by Marco Martellini, a young entrepreneur with the passion for pizza and good food.

Over the years, Marco was able to make pizza an inspiration for amazing gastronomic solutions. The travels abroad and the discovery of international tastes have provided Marco with a special flair in the combinations of flavors and an awareness of business that make him able to open some Small Pizza shops in Europe. The love and dedication to his work let him become a master of pizza. Marco is also a popular teacher of aspiring pizza makers at a school in the Marche region.

Small Pizza today is a brand italian people know and abroad too. Opening a Small Pizza shop is a tested and proven investment, affordable for everyone. This kind of franchise can reset any risks by an extremely easy management. Opening a Small Pizza shop means being able to rely on one person for each shop with the support of a smart cash system.